Emperador (india marble) wholesale lot


Subject: Emperador (india marble) wholesale lot
Bank Routing number 111904215
Our factories: can produce items in many types of exotic woods, metal, stone and marble, concrete, plastic or just about any material that you demand. We can manufacture items from photos, sketches or pictures, and if possible a sample of the item that you wish for us to make for you. A full set of plans will also reduce your cost, speed up prototype and first-article production, and assure that you get exactly what you want.
43 sq ft per slab x 12 = 516 sq ft
each slab is pack in a wood frame
Carl Prewitt 1405 Ave A Hooks Texas 75561
Phone or
Carl Prewitt 17/9 Tran Van ON P. TAN SON NHI Q. TAN PHU HCMC Vietnam
011 84 408 3018 home 011 84 908 654 903 Hand phone
Custom work we can build from Photo
Granite, Marble, Basil, Sand Stone, Soap Stone, and more
35 feet is the largest we can make
We crush the stone make powder than cast item
also work with plaster, cement, concrete and plastic
Custom work we can build from Photo