Elevated mast aerial photography system business


Subject: Elevated mast aerial photography system business
Start your own home based Low altitude Aerial Photography Business
Special Offer with free delivery
12 metre telescopic mast with canon S80 digital camera
Whether you live in London or Lancaster
I will show you how to earn up to £130 per hour
doing this easy to operate business from home or office
This is an ideal business startup and you don’t need to be an expert photographer.
If you are already a professional photographer this would be ideal way to expand your Portfolio of services
Clients include Estate Agents, Commercial property agents, Surveyors,
Builders, Design houses, Architects, Home owners, Individuals, Sports events etc
A normal photograph from ground level is often obscured by walls, trees or other buildings and aerial photography from an aeroplane is expensive and only show flat images of roofs and plots
Low Altitude aerial photography brings out the three dimensionality of an image and is a fantastic way of showing a property or activity in its best light
Already highly successful in the U.S.A and rapidly increasing market share in Europe
The equipment enables the user to photograph from any height up to 12 metres.
It is a fully portable mast system that can be positioned and assembled within five minutes by one person. The user is able to view live time images direct through the eye of the camera via the laptop below ensuring perfect imaging every time.
Specifically designed software allows full control of all camera functions including zoom, exposure, and iso ratings
A remote control head also facilitates 360° camera rotation and tilt
Because I'm not branching into other things , need room in my garage or need to make way for the baby !
I own my own highly succesful Low Altitude Aerial Photography Business so I am continually testing and improving my Systems
My masts are custom built and are less than 2 metres long retracted and a mere 18 kilos in weight (Including the tripod) making them extremely manouverable
( unlike heavier overmanufactured systems on the market.)
The tripod is permanently connected to the mast and is operable at extreme gradients, not possible with the 12 metre seperate tripod mounted masts !
an aditional advantage is that a simple inexpensive tube can be connected to a vehicle towbar (see picture) for situations where a vehicle can be used.
Everything is TESTED prior to dispatch to ensure smooth working operation.
I Split my time between Fuengirola ,Costa del Sol, Spain and Worsley ,Greater Manchester. although my successful Low Altitude Aerial Photography work is done in the costa del sol .
I provide a dedicated two day airfreight service to the uk or mainland Europe and this is included in the sale.
for further information and photographs of my 12 metre mast systems and also my 15 metre mast sytems
I source and build these systems, test them and then use them daily
I also research and develop them continuously.
I have all the business I need and am not interested in franchising or selling this business,
but I will sell you a custom built system and happily provide a days training here in the Costa del Sol .
New systems can cost thousands more and will not offer the experienced advice and on going support that I can
This is a Light weight system specially made for people on a tight
budget that want to enter this exciting and lucrative market
(12 metres is an ideal height for shoots of up to two storey properties)
(Will work at extreme gradients)
1 x Canon S80 8.3 Meg digital camera,
( in box with all accessories)
(Ideal due to lightness of camera and resolution)
1x Remote control motorized pan and tilt head
(Allows you to change the direction and angle of camera on top of mast)
Specialist computer image software
(Allows complete control of all camera functions and sends and records live pictures to the camera and laptop)
Specialist USB signal booster leads
All other leads, remote controls, carry cases, covers, spirit level etc.
A portable storage and work station box
A full days training on a location shoot in the Costa del Sol (if required)
Includes introduction to photoshop, camera techniques , sales and marketing etc.
Starter promotional literature
Entry to our affiliate program
A fully functional Link to our web site
Stock photographic images of properties.
A full colour illustrated guide of mast assembly and connection of camera and computer
(Please note you will require a laptop, as this is not included in the sale but I will advise on a suitable version)
Please feel free to contact me with any questions
I am advertising this system on my website and elsewhere so I reserve the right to withdraw this item from sale at any time.