Elastomer test machine, durometer


Subject: Elastomer test machine, durometer
Elastomer test machine, durometer
Uses an air assisted mechanical press, with adjustable stroke.
Produces 6 ton - head accommodates 5K load cell and two other sensors, probably transducers - leads for these sensors terminate in junction box
Platen 3 1/8" x 4" is copper with rod heater and sensor - specimen attaches to platen
Saddle between end plate is 6" x 9.5" - saddle can tilt apprx 45 deg; pedestal can rotate 360 deg; base can travel 2.75" total
Rotational and linear travel controlled by Neco System 4 controller
Control panel: Eurotherm digital heat controller; pneumatic speed control for left and right movement; cylinder and ram press gauges; auto cycle and manual switch
Manufactured by Rother Machine Tools, Kent, England
This machine is probably a production durometer tester.