Eight sided copper cupola top, lead coated


Subject: Eight sided copper cupola top, lead coated
8-Sided Lead-coated Copper Cupola Top #4641
This 10’ diameter cupola is the actual middle section and top of a cupola and can be made to sit on an existing base or a base that could be fabricated for it. It has simulated windows, which are mirrors in high-quality bull-nosed wood frames. Soldered crown mould and sill detail.
Specifications: 16 oz. lead-coated copper, double standing seams Diameter 10’ or a side to side size of 9’. We can manufacture the base for this unit, if required. Cost to build was $50,000 Cdn.
Weight: 3,000 lbs. – Engineered to a high level
$2,000 +GST Cdn. within Ontario
Out of Ontario to be negotiated approx. $3,000 - $5,000 +GST Cdn. via common carrier/flat bed.