Edwards RV3 mdc terranova 934 vacuum chamber system


Subject: Edwards RV3 mdc terranova 934 vacuum chamber system
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This vacuum system has an Edwards RV3 pump and a vacuum chamber. It was used as an evaperation system in a labratory.
* (1) Edwards RV3 Vacuum Pump
* (1) Edwards EMF10 Oil Mist Filter
* (1) Edwards FL20K Foreline Trap
* (1) Omron E5CK Digital Controller
* (1) Terranova 934 Wide Range Vacuum Controller
* (1) Duniway D51-531S Thermo-couple Vacuum Gauge
* (1) Kurt Lesker SA0100 MVQF Valve
* Fast acting inlet valve for system protection
* High torque, dual voltage/dual frequency motor
* Efficient high pressure lubrication
* Oil tight with printed gaskets, effective shaft seals
* Oil box well contains filling spills
* Consistent, built-in quality, cast bar construction
* Range from 10 to the -10 Torr to 1200 Torr
* Thermocouple vacuum gauges
* Automatic filament control
* RS-232 serial input/output
* Volume: Approximately 31.3 L
* Has a Pressure Release Valve
* Chamber Dimensions: Approximately 13.5" x 15.5" 9"
* Some of the components are made by MDC Manufacturing, but the chamber itself is not marked
NOTES: This system is in very good condition and produces a very good vacuum inside the chamber. Please see the pictures. If you have any questions about this, please let me know.
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