Ecosys cl series chemical exhaust fume scrubber


Subject: Ecosys cl series chemical exhaust fume scrubber
ECOSYS CL Series Chemical Exhaust Fume Scrubber.
This unit removes acid chemical fumes from a stream of air before releasing the air into the atmosphere. Fume laden air is drawn through chambers (bluish tint) containing media sprayed with water. This washes or "scrubs" the fumes from the air.
The chemical pump is used to adjust the ph of the water.
ECOSYS CL Series controller is shown above and below.
This chemical pump is used to spray the water on the media. It is located in the base of this unit.
Overall dimension of this unit are roughly 7 feet wide by 32" front-to-back and 7.5 feet tall.
Other similar items may be available listed separately or on request.
Might be just what you need for your modest acid chemical fume exhaust scrubber application.
Condition looks very good functional used. The images above were taken during removal from the factory where it was used. It was removed because the factory closed (not because there was a problem with the unit). The media has been removed and disposed of and the unit has had a professional decontamination done to remove any active chemical residue that might have been left. The system will have been taken into parts so we can get it out of the building. This unit does not include an exhaust fan but chemical resistant non-metallic exhaust fans are available separately.
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