Econosew-366E76-12-lockstitch heavy duty walking foot


Subject: Econosew-366E76-12-lockstitch heavy duty walking foot
ECONOSEW-366E76-12-Lockstitch Heavy Duty Walking Foot
ZIG-ZAG EXTRA LONG BED (30" WORKING SPACE) LOCKSTITCH MACHINE, EXTRA LARGE SHUTTLE HOOK, REVERSE FEED AND PNEUMATIC FOOT-LIFTER (STITCH WIDTH 12MM)=> Link thread take-up=> Built-in bobbin winder=> Front handwheel enables operator to move needle as needed=> For sewing various kinds of leather, synthetic leather, canvas and other large workpieces such as tents, sails, awnings, etc.
Maximum Sewing Speed 600 spm*Stitch Length Adjustment 0 to 8mmStitch Width Adjustment 0 to 12mmPresser Foot Lift By Hand: 13mmBy Knee: 20mmNeedle System 7x3Needle Bar Stroke 50.8mmThread Take Up Mode 96mmFeed Type Extra heavy duty drop-feedHook Type Extra large oscillating shuttle hookWorking Space 760mm (30")Lubrication System ManualExtra wide zig-zag (12mm) even under heavy loads
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