Econosew-211E8BL-18-lockstitch heavy duty walking foot


Subject: Econosew-211E8BL-18-lockstitch heavy duty walking foot
ECONOSEW-211E8BL-18-Lockstitch Heavy Duty Walking Foot
â?¢ Uses Singer 111W style walking feetâ?¢ Built-in safety clutch prevents hook damageâ?¢ Plunger pump lubricating systemâ?¢ Arm shaft and hook shaft are supported by ball bearingsâ?¢ Timing belt drivenâ?¢ High presser foot lift assures easy input and removal of materialsâ?¢ For sewing medium & heavy materials such as fabric, leather, vinyl and syntheticsâ?¢ Built-in bobbin winde Specification Maximum Sewing Speed 1600 spm*Stitch Length Adjustment 0 to 9mmPresser Foot Lift By Hand: 8mm By Pedal: 16mmNeedle System 135x17Needle Bar Stroke 36mmFeed Type Unison feed assures even feed when sewing multiple layersHook Type Large vertical rotary hook enables greater production with fewer interruptionsAmount of Alternating Presser Foot Lift 2 to 5mm (3.2mm standard)Working Space 457mm (18â??)Safety Clutch YesLubrication System Plunger pump lubricating
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