Ebac BD150-cr industrial dehumidifiers


Subject: Ebac BD150-cr industrial dehumidifiers
Ebac BD150-CR industrial dehumidifiers for commercial dehumidification helps prevent water damage and control odors, mildew, mold, allergies and asthma. These Ebac dehumidifiers can remove 8 gallons of water in 24 hour period, and offer easy mobility with 2 large wheels and built-in condensate pump. Dehumidifier ratings, reviews and comparisons. Reports by consumer experts
Ebac BD150-CR Industrial Dehumidifiers
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* Portable industrial dehumidification up to 1,800 sq. ft.
* 67 pints of water removal per day
* Built in condensate pump - this is the difference between the BD150 and BD150-CR
* Low temperature operation down to 33F with safe, “Hot Gas” defrosting feature
* Rugged, heavy duty steel exterior with wheels
Powerful dehumidifiers that are hugely effective for big spaces for water removal in areas up to 1800 sq. ft., and a built-in condensate pump. Can operate down to 33F. Ideal for flood restoration and critical moisture removal situations in museums, libraries, schools and archives. Not the most energy efficient in the Ebac dehumidifier line, but they have a durable steel cabinet, and move easily with 2 large wheels. They also offer Ebac's "Hot Gas" defrosting feature which automatically eliminates frost build up on evaporator coils, providing continuous, effective dehumidifier operation at low temperatures.
Ebac BD150-CR Industrial Dehumidifiers are ideal for someone who…
* Wants a powerful dehumidifier that removes 8 gallons of water in 24 hour period
* Need a dehumidifier for commercial heavy-duty applications such as flooded areas, maintaining fresh locker rooms, safeguarding stored goods from mildew or controlling the environment of computer rooms
* Needs a moisture removal in very cold conditions and damp basements down to 33F
* Want fast results by reducing drying times by as much as two thirds depending on conditions, and reduce the costs of drying by conventional heating as much as 70%
* Desires quick water removal using a built-in condensate pump for continuous water removal
* Wants a portable dehumidifier with large wheels and integral handle
Special Features of Ebac BD150-CR Industrial Dehumidifiers
* Quickly removes moisture: up to 67 pints per day - quick results for critical moisture problem situations
* Rugged: steel chassis on dehumidifiers for long term durability
* Portable: has 2 rugged wheels for mobility
* Safe "hot gas" defrost system: built-in feature in Ebac dehumidifiers that automatically eliminates frost build-up providing effective operation at temperatures down to 33F
* Simple to operate: dehumidifier accepts standard 115 v. - plugs in anywhere
How Ebac BD150-CRIndustrial Dehumidifiers Work
A refrigeration type of dehumidifier, the warm moist air is drawn by a fan across a cold coil that causes the water vapor to condense onto the coil and drop into a container or tray. The cold air is then passed over a heat exchanger where it is warmed before passing back into the surrounding area.
Technical Specifications of Ebac BD150-CR Industrial Dehumidifiers
Ebac BD 150 Industrial Dehumidifier
(pints per day set at 80F, 60%RH)
(in ideal conditions set at 80F, 60%RH for 24 hours; conditions may vary)
Dehumidifiers CFM (blower air flow)
home and industrial heavy-duty applications for one or several room size areas at a time, flood restoration
An EPA Energy Star certified dehumidifier
Hepa air purifier filter option
Dehumidification humidistat control
Dehumidifiers Bucket Full Indicator Lights
Direct hose conn. for drainage of dehumidifiers
Dehumidifiers operating temp. range
Dehumidifiers power supply (voltage, amps, etc.)
Dehumidifiers CFC-free Refrigerant Type
Condensate pump for dehumidifiers
Dehumidifiers noise level (decibels)
Reports by consumer experts on Ebac BD 150 & 150-CR Industrial Dehumidifiers
* Powerful: high air flow at 650 cfm for fast drying in critical situations such as floods where most needed in locations such as museums, schools, or archives
* Quiet Operation: dehumidifiers are relatively quiet for their power at 60 decibels
* Low Temperature Operation: operates down to 33F before shutting off. The "Hot Gas" defrost automatically eliminates frost build up
* Easy Mobility: dehumidifiers are wheel mounted on 2 large wheels for easy moving
* Built-in Features: dehumidifier model BD150-CR has internal condensate pump
* Dehumidifiers are heavy at 146 lbs, yet they are durable
* Medium power usage at 13 amps per hour - not the most efficient dehumidifiers of the Ebac line
Summary: These are durable, relatively quiet and powerful dehumidifiers for humid or damp conditions. The low temperature operation, powerful air flow and easy mobility make these dehumidifiers very useful for humid or damp public places or homes.
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