Eam in-line buffer, cd packaging, cd,cd-rom replicator


Subject: Eam in-line buffer, cd packaging, cd,cd-rom replicator
, Maine, Steve Swinburne, president of EAM Inc. is inviting anyone with integrated CD packaging lines to see first hand how to easily and quickly increase the overall throughput of their packaging departments.
"If your integrated CD packaging lines are not producing 45 thousand to 120 thousand finished jewel boxes per day, the new In-Line Buffer will help you get there", says Mr. Swinburne. Potential users should see how installing this unit after their existing packaging machines (all makes of packaging machines) can eliminate much of the down time created when one machine in the line stops the entire line.
Installing an EAM In-Line Product Buffer adds to Packaging Capacity
Replicators who currently run fully integrated Packaging lines will instantly see an increase in capacity without purchasing more CD Packaging machines.
* This machine is used but in like new condition. It appears to have been used very little.
* 3 units available at a great price.
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