EF3000ISEB yamaha portable generator


Subject: EF3000ISEB yamaha portable generator
Sound Rating = 51-57 dBA With Yamaha Boost Technology With Boost Control Unit (BCU) technology, the EF3000iSEB utilizes power from its 12 volt battery producing surge power comparable to a 3500watt generator. At only 151 lbs., the EF3000iSEB is the perfect solution for your portable power needs. IMPORTANT NOTE: Yamaha Motor Corporation does not manufacture a remote start unit for the EF3000iSE or the EF3000iSEB unit. In addition, Yamaha Motor Corporation does not install a remote start unit in either of these units at the factory. Any remote start device offered for this generator is an "after market" device, which does not carry a Yamaha warranty. Since this generator does not have an automatic choke feature, the unit may experience operational difficulty with an "after market" remote start. Modifications not authorized by Yamaha Motor Corporation may cause sub-standard performance and may void Yamaha Warranty. FeatureBenefit Boost Control Unit (BCU)The BCU senses when extra power is needed and boosts the output for up to ten seconds ample time to give air conditioners, power tools and equipment that extra boost of power they need to start quickly and efficiently.The BCU will preserves tool's life and performance level. Noise Block (noise reduction design) 51 - 57 dBA Fully enclosed, acoustically designed sound reduction system. Molded fan shaped enclosure. Materials absorbs sound not resonates it. Equipped with intake silencer to reduce intake noise. Long Run TimeRuns continuously for up to 20.5 hrs. without refueling (at 1/4 load*) Smart ThrottleAutomatically adjusts engine speed to precisely match load, resulting in greater fuel efficiency and noise reduction. Decreases wear and increases engine life. Centralized Control PanelEnables easy access to controls Battery Charging CableRecharge 12 volt batteries for RV, auto, marine, etc. Lightweight DesignNewly designed exterior with Integrated wheel system allows for easy mobility and reduces weight to 151 lbs.