Dreher model FT4-40 vt high energy barrel tumbler


Subject: Dreher model FT4-40 vt high energy barrel tumbler
Dreher Model FT4-40 VT High Energy Barrel Tumbler
Condition: very good, as taken from service. IN STOCK FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY
Technical Data: * 220V/3PH/50-60HZ
* 4 - Hexagonal shaped stainless steel barrels mounted on vertical turret which generates centrifugal force as the turret rotates in one direction and the barrels rotate in the opposite direction.
* Barrel type: 6-sided hexagonal shape
* Barrel construction: stainless steel with lined lids
Equipped With: * Cycle timer
* Start/stop controls with emergency stop
* Hand operated variable speed control
* Centrifugal type for Wet/Dry Metal Surface Finishing
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