Draft beer / keg cart


Subject: Draft beer / keg cart
Finally an easy wat to move Heavy KEGs
50 Lt KEG, a 4 kg capacity carbonic cylinder, a set of manometers and a manual pump for the standard model. It also features a beer tap that regulates desired amounts of liquid or foam. Includes an umbrella and a cup dispenser.
Coil 12,7mm x 35 mm. Coil Material: AISI 304 x 0,7 mm In / Out Line 01. 01 Faucet with compensator. Manometer max. pressure 3 bar. Connection Gauge: BSP/G5/8I inch Output 27 Gal/h. Maximum output 330 x 300ml glasses.
02 Tires with inner tube 3,25x8 Front Wheel with inner tube 200x55
CO² Cylinder 6 Kg when empty.
Dimensions: w35” x d52”x h44”
KEG and Co² tank not included
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