Double-beam infrared spectrophotometer ir absorption


Subject: Double-beam infrared spectrophotometer ir absorption
Universal (TOP2048) programmer
LIIR-1 Double-beam Infrared Spectrophotometer Introduction LIIR-1 Double-beam Infrared Spectrophotometer can be used to record IR absorption and reflecting spectra within the range of 4000 ~ 400 cm-1. Qualitative and quantitative analysis can be completed according to the spectra of the sample. It is an powerful tool to analyze the sample structure in the fields of petroleum, chemical engineering, pharmacy, public health environmental protection, etc. Features . Computer controlled direct-proportioned recording and database processing
. Users can build up their own spectra library
. A High quality thermocouple used as a receiver
. Low stray light and high accuracy measurement
. Simple structure and easy to operate Main functions
. Spectral background baseline memory and correction
. Spectrum smoothing, differential, accumulating and arithmetic operation
. Conversion of %T and ABS . Spectrum scale Extension Specifications
≤±4 cm-1 (4000~2000 cm-1 )
±0.2%T (noise level not included)
Io Line Flatness and Straightness
Stray Light
≤0.5%T (4000~650 cm-1) ≤1%T (650~400 cm-1)
Abscissa Extension
3 kinds (transmittance, absorbency and single beam)
5 stops (very fast, fast, normal, slow and very slow)
5 stops (very wide, wide, normal, narrow and very narrow)
5 stops (very fast, fast, normal and slow )
3 kinds (continuous scanning, repeated scanning and fixed
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