Dock lift, lift table, dock leveler


Subject: Dock lift, lift table, dock leveler
This listing is for a brand new dock lift by Advance Lifts, model T-50608.
Platform size is 72" wide by 96" long.
Lowered height is 8", Travel is 58" , raised height is 66".
Power unit is 230/80/3 5 Hp External power unit, but voltage can be changed to fit you power needs.
Speed is 12 FPM and controlled with a push button. Unit also comes with steel rails. Also included with lift is 1 each 12" x 72" steel bridge and 5 gallons of oil and 20' of 1/2" hose.
This unit is normally pit mounted, but can be used on top of the ground with a approach ramp. Approach ramp is not included in this listing.
This lift is equipped with a hinged bridge with a pull back chain. All electrical controllers are UL approved. Unit is primed and finished with a baked on enamel. All pressure hoses are double wire braid with JIC fittings. Reservoirs are mild steels, and these units conform to all applicable ANSI codes.