Directouch bar point of sale pos 15" lcd system


Subject: Directouch bar point of sale pos 15" lcd system
Invest Smartly In Your Business With A Low-Cost Point Of Sale System That Will Increase Sales And Increase Profits.
Your System Includes The Following Items:
* 3-Years Free Telephone Support
* ALL NEW HARDWARE. No refurbished equipment sold here.
* 15" Elo Graphic LCD Touch Screen
* Windows XP Pro Operating System
* Thermal Receipt Printer and cable
* DirecTouch Restaurant Point of Sale license
* Fast Bar Point of Sale Module
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* Free Download Of Our Demo Software
* Restaurant Industry Articles
* Frequently Asked Questions
* Return On Investment Analysis
* System Configuration and Quote Generator
* Live Chat With A Product Specialist
Our Feature Set Is Equivelant To Aloha, Micros, Menu Soft and Maitre' D
Yet, we are as much as 75% less than each of those brands. Why pay them when you can do it yourself and save.
Why pay more when you can do it yourself and save?
DirecTouch Restaurant Point of Sale is backed by a:
* Real 30-year old point of sale company with 5 branches, 50 employees and 80 years of restaurant point of sale experience in just the top 3 people. We know point of sale.
* Real 24/7/365 toll-free support answered by a real person. Not an answering machine. Not an answering service. A real technical person who can answer your questions.
* Real software with over 7 years in the field and over 4,000 installations.
* Real money back software guarantee. Click this link for more information.
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Our Software Is Packed With Features That Make Your Money
Sure, we could list features like the other guys. But what good are features unless they make your money? Our feature set contains all the things you expect in a restaurant point of sale system. Here are some things you might not expect.
Increases soft beverage sales in bars and restaurants by requiring that a soft beverage be rung for every entree' or guest seated at a table. Many restaurants have experienced significant increases in soft beverage sales. With as few as 3 waitresses/day forgetting to ring 2 soft beverages/day at $1.50/beverage this would equate to $9.00 per day or $3,285 per year in increased sales and profits.
Increases bar sales by charging the appropriate tax for bar tabs and checks that have food items rung on them. Cash registers and most computerized point of sale systems do not charge the proper taxes on bar sales where there is food on the ticket. In bars where there as a few as $150 sales/day with a 6% tax rate and at least 1 food item on the ticket this would mean an increase in sales of $12 per day or $4,380 per year in increased sales and profits.
Many systems come with a time clock for punching in/out. Our system comes with a time clock designed for a restaurant. Your needs are unique. You have multiple job codes for the same employee. One part of the day they are a hostess. The next part of the day the same employee is a server at a different pay rate who gets tips. Our software recognizes these differences and tracks the employee's time for each job code, at each different pay rate and then forces them to declare their tips. All of this while keeping exact track of all of their punches in/out including breaks. If you are currently manually figuring time cards or have a manual system for tracking hours, just the rounding errors alone could justify this system.
If these questions made you just the least bit uncomfortable then you need our Frequent Diner Module.
Delivery And Phone Order Module
Highly Graphical Screens For Easy User Training
One of the original benefits of a touch screen system years ago is still valid today. It is much easier to train a new employee on a touch screen terminal than any other type of point of sale system. Simple cash registers are more complicated to operate than our point of sale system. If your employee can read and point their finger, they can ring items on our terminal.
Take a moment to look at our screens. We think you will agree that our software is the best looking software in our price range and we even beat the big boys for style and ease of use. Better looking, easy to use and less money...what else do you need?
Easy to use. Displays messages for all employees. Secure password for log-in keeps your system safe.
Easy to find buttons for each job code. Servers see server buttons. Bartenders see bartender buttons. Cashiers see cashier buttons.
DirecTouch Can Have Up To 60 Menu Buttons
DirecTouch Can Display Up To 60 Menu Buttons
Ever thought you had more items than you had buttons? We think we have you covered.
DirecTouch Bitmaps For Buttons
DirecTouch Uses Bitmaps To Help Train Employees
Use our stockpile of bitmaps to help attract attention to key items. Makes for easier and quicker training of new employees.
DirecTouch Split Check Feature
DirecTouch Split Check Feature
Our split check feature is fast, simple and easy to understand. Touch an item and then touch the seat to move it. You can't get much easier
Split an item to share between seats. Select the number of splits for the item and move the item to the seat.
DirecTouch Pizza Ordering Screen
DirecTouch Pizza Ordering Feature
Quarter, Half or Whole pizza ordering with our system. Accurate portions calculated for each selection.
DirecTouch Delivery Driver Screen
DirecTouch Delivery Driver Management
We have an excellent delivery driver management screen with driver assignment and driver reports for easy balancing.
DirecTouch Manager Menu Screen
DirecTouch Manager Functions Screen
Secure access to the manager screen means your system is kept safe. Easy to understand buttons means an easy system to maintain.
DirecTouch Item Programming Screen
DirecTouch Menu Item Program Screen
All you need to know about entering a menu item is on this page. Easy to understand and easy to maintain.
Each report shown here has a sub-menu with several additional reports that can be displayed or printed.
DirecTouch Delivery Driver Screen
DirecTouch Flash Sales Reports
These are a set of quick reports that can be displayed at any terminal for a quick analysis of your business. There are 6 of these quick reports.
Got questions? We have answers.