Diode pumped laser texturizing work station


Subject: Diode pumped laser texturizing work station
1. Spectra Physics diode pumped laser model #T20-V80-1060. Wavelength - 1064nm, average power - 2 watt, additional specifications available upon request.
2. Robot handler - Motoman articulated arm
4. NEOS model N23080 acousto-optic modulator and RF driver ( 1 watt RF power).
5. Built-in power meter - Spectra Physics model 407A.
6. Precision air bearing spindle and drive electronics.
7. Parker Servo motor driven slide with drive electronics.
8. Dozens of photonic devices including piezo positioners, beam expanders, 1/4 wave plates, beamsplitters, prisms, Newport mounts and Oriel positioners.
9. Laser enclosure with granite vibration isolated mount.
This system appears to be in good cosmetic condition but we do not have the expertise to test it. Please visit our store for addtional items and thank you for looking.