Digital video recorder (dvr) - unlike vcrs, dvrs record


Subject: Digital video recorder (dvr) - unlike vcrs, dvrs record
Digital Video Recorder (DVR) - Unlike VCRs, DVRs record video to a computer hard drive or other media such as a CD or DVD. This makes a DVR easy to maintain because there are no bulky tapes to change or the risk of losing video quality when recording over previous footage. Except for the World's Smallest DVR, all of our other DVRs can be operated and monitored remotely from anywhere in the world using the Internet. While the surveillance video data is stored on the DVR it can be protected from loss caused by operating errors, tampering and accidents. This surveillance system allows you to install up to 16 cameras (can do 12 wired and 4 wireless cameras) to digitally record all activity. This DVR has full networking capability and uses a GeoVision DVR card which allows you to view live video on the Internet. Will work with any of our security cameras (except CyberEye). Cameras, cables and monitor not included. If you are interested in getting everything put together for you we suggest our complete system. DVR-16CH 16 Channel DVR Includes: •Motion activation recording, scheduled recording, remote playback and recording, customized detection zones, alarm detection with snapshot and or video email alerts, point of sale control and alerts, password protected, multiple user accounts, stealth mode operation, MPEG 4 video compression for high resolution video, high speed CD burner and PDA remote access and monitoring. Specifications: - O/S: Windows XP - CPU: 3000+AMD Sempron Processor - Memory: 1GB RAM - Hard Drive: 500GB (can be upgraded) - Camera Input: 16 - Audio Input: 4 - Frames per second: Real Time at 480fps - Resolution: 720 x 480 $2,795.00
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