Dexon blue flip front model LV6-30 laminar flowhood


Subject: Dexon blue flip front model LV6-30 laminar flowhood
A.Good Used- available contact me
w/ 2 ea. c-frames, 1ea. back-panel, 2ea. ½ length plexi-glass side pales, 90 day warranty, and Good HEPA filters
Repainted flowhood, back-panel, and c-frames; new pre-filters and egg-crates; 2 ea. good used ½ length plexi-glass side-panels; good existing HEPA filter; comes with 2 year warranty
C. Remanufactured- available contact me
New Motor and Barings as needed; new lights and ballasts; new egg-crates; new pre-filters; 99.99% effiective scanned HEPA filters; premium paint (2 coats) on flowhood, c-frames, and back-panel; new plexi-glass ½ length side panels. Like new or better.
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