Dewatering screen midwestern industries mev vibrating


Subject: Dewatering screen midwestern industries mev vibrating
5' x 10' MEV double-deck unit with sub-base assembly and stand. MEV vibrating screens product multiple products at higher tonnage per square foot of screen area. Midwestern's dewatering MEV vibrating screen is designed to remove solid materials from liquids using a highly-efficient liquid material distributor. Lightweight and cost effective, the dewatering model is ideal for applications such as golf course sand, clay slip, coal, magnetite, salt crystals, wood chips, paper pulp, laundry lint, plastic pellets, poultry (dewater chicken feathers), quartzite, bottom ash, polymer, ferrous oxide, and more. 15 sq. ft. to 50 sq. ft. of screening area per deck. Screening achieved by elliptical motion of unit.
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