Detecto stationary wheelchair scale-400LB-495


Subject: Detecto stationary wheelchair scale-400LB-495
Detecto Stationary Wheelchair Scale-400LB-Model 495
The model 495 and 4951 stationary mechanical beam scales provide the economical answer to the weighing of patients in wheelchairs. Its quality is inherited from Detecto's eye-level physician scale and incorporates a precision die cast weigh beam which is easily read from either side. The weigh beam is located at a height above the platform where the patient or attendant can perform the weighing operation. The ramp is removable and is covered with a non-skid mat. The die-cast, dual-sided beam is graduated in 1/4 lb (or .1 kg) increments for easy readability.
30" x 26" / 762mm x 660 mm with nonskid removable mat.
* Padded handrail for ambulatory patients
* Die cast, dual-sided eye-level beam graduated in 1/4 lb or .1 kg increments for easy readability
* Platform is designed to accomodate all sizes of wheelchairs.
* Ramp is designed for a smooth approach and exit.
Precision die-cast weighbeam is