Despatch oven model PWC3-14-1E 8' x 6'


Subject: Despatch oven model PWC3-14-1E 8' x 6'
This oven will reach a maximum temperature of 500 degrees Farenheit, and is complete with a 3 HP fan for exhaust
The inside dimensions are 66" deep x 64" wide x 64" high, with a door opening of 54". Overall outside dimensions are 8 feet wide x 80" deep and 96" high
Included is one wheeled cart of approx. 62" x 40"
This unit was previously deployed at a rubber products company and was used for drying purposes until plant shutdown in 2005.
In good working order, this machine was professionally rigged out of the building and was transported to our warehouse facility in Montreal, where it can be inspected at your convenience.
* Machine will be loaded onto a truck at no additional charge.
* Local inspection and/or pick up is available. Please call for arrangements
* Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
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