Depositor cake / muffin / pie / etc


Subject: Depositor cake / muffin / pie / etc
Fedco Puddles Depositor 1) Deposits cake batters, pie fillings, cheesecake, and other flowable products into pans/containers, directly from the mixing bowl. 2) Portable, air operated, raises to enable mixing bowl to be removed; lowers into mixing bowl for depositing. 3) Combines an air operated piston for pumping the product from the mixing bowl directly to a rotary cutoff valve for clean, dripless cut-off. 4) Selection of two different openings for cupcakes, layer cakes, sheet cakes, loaf cakes, pie fillings. etc. 5) Optional special pie filling attachment enables you to deposit pie filling directly to pie shells in the oven. Other features include: •Scaling weights available from as low as one ounce per stroke to 56 ounces per stroke of a batter having a specific gravity of .80. • Hundreds in use throughout the world. • Simple clean-up by pumping hot water from through system. • Meets B1SSC standards.