Dentsply eclipse prosthetic resin system dental lab


Subject: Dentsply eclipse prosthetic resin system dental lab
This is a listing for a Complete Set of Eclipse Prosthetic Resin System from Denstsply, in excellent working condition.
Eclipse is a polymethylmethacrylate-free light-cured resin system for fabricating denture bases and nightguards. The Eclipse system uses the indirect build-up technique for fabricating dentures, and utilizes three different resins to form the denture base: baseplate resin, set-up resin, and contour resin. The resins handle like wax and are cured when shaping is complete. The completed denture base is fabricated on the master cast before the jaw relation and try-in appointment, making for more stable jaw relations and providing an opportunity to assess the fit before the insertion appointment. The teeth are held in place for the try-in with the set-up resin. Contour resin is then applied with an electric spatula to form the proper contours of the denture base.
* Manufactured by Dentsply International
* Product Name: Eclipse Prosthetic Resin System
* Monomer-free - more bio-compatible and helps create a better work environment in the lab
* No flasking or investing - lessening the chances of processing errors and changes in vertical dimension, saving labor costs
* An Indirect Build-up Method - now every case starts with a processed baseplate
* Minimal adjustments needed with short initial learning curve
* Nightguards demonstrated low porosity and high translucency
* Included in the listing: Eclipse Processing Unit with operating manual and Eclipse Dentsply Conditional Oven with operating manual.
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* Take professional digital pictures
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* Pack the items professionally
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