Dental digital radiography system bioray - x-ray


Subject: Dental digital radiography system bioray - x-ray
Brand new, 3 years manufactory warranty
Dental Digital Radiography System
System made bySUNI and includes:
● External dimension: 43x31.6x3.4mm (as a Kodak DF-58 film)
● CCD Matrix 980mm² brings a clear image 1.85 Mega Pixels
○ Power supply box and cable
○ Sensor positioning system (basic)
● Recommended RINN (Dentsply) positioning system
○ APTERYX XV Lite software (full version)
○ 3 years manufactory warranty
● Return is accepted within 30 days. System must be in original
image to help you make the most accurate
diagnosis possible-quicker and easier than
ever before. It offers speed, comfort,
precision at an affordable price, and has an
attractive warranty program. The slim,
streamlined sensors are the thinnest sensors
available today, allowing them to be placed
with ease inside the patient's mouth. The
BIO-RAY system includes imaging software
that integrates with most practice
"Dentistry Today", May 2004
CCD Matrix – 1.2 MPixels, 680 mm
External Dimension - 37.8 x 24.7 x 3.4mm
CCD Matrix – 1.85 MPixels, 980 mm
External Dimension – 43.0 x 31.6 x 3.4mm
Today’s dental images are captured with digital x-ray sensors, intra-oral cameras, extra-oral cameras and scanners.
You need state-of-the-art, open architecture digital dental x-ray software. Why should you and your staff be forced to
learn three or four different software programs? With XrayVision® and XVlite™ in their practice, thousands of users
have already simplified their digital image workflow by using one dental imaging software package. XrayVision and
XVlite capture, enhance and display all of your dental images. All your x-rays from most of the different digital sensors
available today, along with phosphor plate systems like DenOptix, Orex and Scan-X, flatbed scanners, and your full
color images from intra-oral and extra-oral cameras and most other digital sources are organized into a patient
database. XVlite is geared to be used in the operatories for quick and easy image capture. Don’t let the name fool
you, it has most of the same features as XrayVision, with a simple, easy to use (and learn) interface. It even shares
the same patient database with XrayVision, allowing you to customize and simplify your entire practice’s imaging
needs. Additionally, both XrayVision and XVlite capture x-rays directly from digital sensors as well as scanners, plus
full color images from intra-oral cameras, digital cameras and other video sources.
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