Dental compresser mdt/ mckesson twin copelametic 230V


Subject: Dental compresser mdt/ mckesson twin copelametic 230V
For sale I have the MDT/McKesson Twin Deluxe Model compressor.
Engineered for operational efficiency and functional reliability, it utilizes Copeland refrigeration type compressor motors. The Deluxe model includes a dryer tank, cooling coil and filter separator.
The installation and operation manual that is included lists the following information
All items were taken from an active practice that closed approx. 1 year ago and were in full use until that time. As such, all items are being sold as-is. Each item is being checked by myself and any noted defects will be detailed in each listing, however I am not an expert in this field and careful examination of the photos should be your guide as to condition of the items.
I encourage you to ask any questions you may have as early as possible so that I can ask the Dr. ,whose items I am selling, for any information which I am not able to gather.
Hygenist Station A Selection of Chairs Available Excellent equipment available X-Ray equipment and Controls Available Full range of Equipment available All equipment for sale Lighting and X-Ray equipment
Please be aware that I am only at my computer from Tue to Sat., 10 to 5:30 Eastern Standard Time, and will respond as soon as humanly possible. I enjoy answering your emails, but it may take a bit for me to get back to you with an answer.
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