Denar cadiax recording device articulator, dental


Subject: Denar cadiax recording device articulator, dental
Denar® Cadiax® Compact System with Gamma Dental Software
Gamma Dental Software extends and enhances the capabilities of the Denar® Cadiax® Compact system and provides many options for data analysis and presentation.
* Overlying curves on the screen for progressive treatment monitoring and a variety of evaluation possibilities; zoom for diagnostically relevant parts of the curve
* Settings can be calculated for 15 different models of articulators: Denar, Hanau, Whipmix, KaVo, Panadent, SAM, Artex, Reference, and Stratos.
* Dynamic motion (Replay) - both right and left recordings can be viewed at the same time, in real time or slow motion
* Many options for case presentations - three-dimensional movement of the hinge axis and time curves
* More detailed calculations of the condylar data - can be repeated for various articulators
* Increased communication with lab - data can be transmitted online to the technician
* Gamma Dental Software works on IBM compatible PC's, no special hardware required. Allows creation of patient databases, stores additional documents like text files and pictures.
Denar® Cadiax® Compact with Gamma Dental Software, Upper & Lower facebow, clutch, foot switch, 2 Sensor flags, 2 Styli, Instruction Manual. Item #20002915 includes Denar® Cadiax® Compact system plus Gamma Dental Software on CD-ROM, illustrated manual.
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