Deltav/despatch LND1-42-wbi wafer bake retention oven


Subject: Deltav/despatch LND1-42-wbi wafer bake retention oven
DeltaV/Despatch LND1-42-WBI Wafer Bake Retention Oven
This is a DeltaV/Despatch LND1-42-WBI Wafer Bake Retention System, with a Despatch LND1-42-3 oven and an included DeltaV Wafer Bake Chamber, with provision for inert-gas atmosphere thermal stress-testing of semiconductor wafers. Ensure high quality testing of your semiconductor devices without oxidation on the die by using N2 or Argon as the interior gas. This oven is in good cosmetic condition externally, with some minor yellowing inside (see photos). We ran this chamber up to 270deg. C with no problems and it all seems to be in good working order. We did not test the water cooling or inert gas system, but we are confident they will work as well. Note that the water cooling flow meter has some brown "stuff" in it, we don't know if this is bad or not.
For more information, please see the LND1-42 Instruction Manual or the Product Information Page
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