Day / littleford style lab / pilot plant mixer


Subject: Day / littleford style lab / pilot plant mixer
The Item title on this listing is described as a "Littleford style mixer" but I do not know the manufacturer of the mixer. The cover for this machine and the stand that it sat on, which probably had the manufacturer information, is missing. In the covers place was a piece of clear plastic which was used to observe the mixing action. I was told that the unit had ben used to gather pilot plant information for a large scale plant design and had only 9 hours of service. Adjacent equipment with hour meters supports this as well as the fact that there is no signs of wear on the plows, choppers and chamber. The mixer has two sets of variable speed plows and two high speed choppers. The plows are 3 HP and the choppers are 1/2 HP. The vertical section of the mixing chamber measures 14" X 20" X 8" deep. The double curved bottom is jacketed for water cooling and is hinged to dump the product. Power requirements are 220 volt 3 phase. The mixing chamber is stainless steel. With the exception of the cover and stand all of the working parts of the mixer are there including a electrical control box with safety interlocks. Some of the parts are not shown in the photos because they are stored in a near by warehouse.