Dale/vishay resistor metal film 806K RN60D8063F 1/4W


Subject: Dale/vishay resistor metal film 806K RN60D8063F 1/4W
All Factory Original. Plz see pics.
Resistor, Metal Film; 806 Kiloohms; 0.25 W; +/-1%; 300 V; Axial; 100 ppm; 500 VAC
Small size, flame retardant epoxy conformal coating with excellent high frequency characteristics. Low noise, low voltage coefficient and controlled temperature coefficient. 1% tolerance. Fire-cleaned high purity ceramic core with vacuum-deposited nickel-chrome alloy element. Standard lead material is solder-coated copper. Leads are solderable and weldable. Resistance shifts due to storage at room temperature are negligible.
* Very Low Voltage Coefficient
* Controlled Temperature Coefficient
* Excellent High Frequency Characteristics
* Flame Retardant Epoxy Coating
0.344 in. ± 0.031 in. Body Length x 0.145 in. ± 0.015 in. Body Dia.
Nickel-Chrome Alloy Element, Flame Retardant Epoxy, Formulated for Superior Moisture Protection Coating, Fire-Cleaned High Purity Ceramic Core, Solder-Coated Copper Termination
Temperature Coefficient, Resistance