Dahle 43" premium workshop guillotine #580 free freight


Subject: Dahle 43" premium workshop guillotine #580 free freight
DAHLE 43" Guillotine Paper Cutter/Trimmer - NEW!
Premium Workshop Series - #585, Large Format
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: $3200.00
This item is BRAND NEW, it has never been used & is NOT refurbished!
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Designed for large format applications, these trimmers sit on top of permanent metal stands and offer a cutting length of 43". A self sharpening ground steel blade makes cutting matboard, foamcore and up to 30 sheets of paper easy. The adjustable hand crank and lockable T-square ensure you receive precise results each and every time. For safety these cutters provide a lockable place to secure your blade and prevent unauthorized use. An acrylic safety shield separates your hands from the cutting edge to prevent the chance of an injury. A fold up cut-off shelf provides a place for your waste.
Made in GERMANY! You will be SATISFIED!
* Cuts up to 30 sheets of paper
* Industrial sized cutter equipped to handle large format work
* Ground self-sharpening blade made of Solingen Steel is lockable to prevent injury
* Acrylic safety shield separates hand from blade
* Manual foot clamp holds work securely in place and prevents shifting
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