DAKE19-271 moving h-frame hydraulic press 50TON rolling


Subject: DAKE19-271 moving h-frame hydraulic press 50TON rolling
DAKE 19-271 Moving H-Frame Hydraulic Press
This is an unusual hydraulic press in that the H-Frame can be rolled back and forth some 30+ inches over the large base table.
This unit has been modified with a precision gauge for use up to 5 tons. It can be valved off and the original gauge used up to 50 tons.
The hand-wheel in the image above engages a friction lock to keep the H-frame from moving-there is one on each side.
The image below shows the box that has been added to keep someone from getting their hand caught in the cable winch used to raise or lower the apron (H).
The table surface is about 30" by 72".
The H can move about 33 inches.
The plate under the press cylinder is about 18" diameter.
The maximum width between the verticals is about 33 inches.
The Apron can be positioned vertically over a range of about 54 inches. (The cylinder travel looks to be 10 or 12 inches).
The overall dimensions of the unit are about 62 by 93 by 127 inches tall.
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