D-star instruments dvw-10 variable wavelength detector


Subject: D-star instruments dvw-10 variable wavelength detector
This listing is for a D-Star Ins. variable wavelength detector. The model # is DVW-10.
Introducing our product line of affordable chromatography detectors and systems. D-Star offers a variety of HPLC components for academic and quality control labs where budget concerns may exist. Our systems are engineered to offer the minimum features necessary for ease of use and robust operation. This focus on the core capabilities allows D-Star to offer high quality instruments for an affordable price.
From the simple , lowest priced UV fixed wavelength detector to fully automated preparative HPLC systems D-Star can fit your labs needs and budget.
The DVW-10 is simple to operate, has a small footprint, is lightweight and is thus ideal for those situations where bench space is a premium. Selection of absorbance ranges and wavelength is accomplished via scrolling keys on the front panel or remote selection via voltage contact closures available at the cable output at the rear of the instrument. Autozero, wavelength selection, and event mark controls are also on the front panel of the instrument. Autozero can also be controlled remotely. Absorbance and wavelength are available on a 4.5 digit display.
The DVW-10 uses a deuterium lamp for 195-360nm operations. Wavelengths from 360 to 800nm are achieved with an optional pre-aligned tungsten lamp assembly.
Its unique modular design, including an innovative optical bench, permits easy configuration of the instrument for OEM applications. The available flowcells for the DVW-10 (and DDW-10) are an analytical flowcell (SS and PEEK) microbore (SS and PEEK), prep, and semi-prep; the latter two are of PEEK construction or SS.
This is used, but in very good condition.
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