dust collector, electrostatic precipitator, bag house


Subject: dust collector, electrostatic precipitator, bag house
1. Geo Energy Electrostatic Precipitator model# 811.5-24 SS, Approx. 5000
CFM capacity?, all 304 stainless steel construction with:
HV Transformer and all controls
Stainless steel inlet and outlet piping (20” diameter)
2. Harrington I.D. Fan model# HPR-21, 21 inch inlet, 36”x 12” rotor,
1765 rpm, non-corroding fiberglass fan & housing, with: 30hp motor.
3. Smoke Stack, fiberglass construction, approx. 80 ft. tall 24 inch diameter.
4. Ceilcote Wet-Scrubber, Crossflow horizontal style, packed bed, non-corroding fiberglass construction complete with:
Worthington 6x4x8 stainless steel pump
PVC water piping, valves, and sprayer bars
20” stainless steel smoke inlet piping with multiple spray nozzles
This system is complete, and includes all components of the emissions system for exhausting a: Pulse Jet single pass material dryer ( 3500 lbs. per hour rating ).Operators manuals, construction drawings, electrical schematics, and other documentation are on hand and further information can be provided upon request.
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