delphis urodynamics processor 94-rol-delph-bt


Subject: delphis urodynamics processor 94-rol-delph-bt
Delphis Portable Urodynamics System
Delphis™ is ideal for any clinical setting, offering an exclusive wireless approach to performing a UDS procedure. Customize Delphis™ to your exact needs with the options of a Pocket PC, a Touchpad PC Tablet or Laptop. Delphis with Bluetooth™ wireless technology allows you to focus on the patient while enjoying true freedom of movement.
If you would like additional information about this unit, please contact us. We guaranteof our equipment e all to be working upon arrival unless otherwise stated.
* Handheld PC or equivalent computer with accessories
* Delphis hardware with built in pump
* Starter Kit (new novadomes, stopcocks, 101t tubing, pump tubing, catheters and beaker)
* Delphis CD ( includes Delphis training video, user manual, and software instalation program
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