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Subject: Custom system steve
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New Restaurant POS System in Unopened Boxes
All equipment includes at least 1 year manufacturer's warranty.
* 2 NEW 15" CRT touchscreens
* 2 NEW 2.4 GHz Dell computers with Windows XP, 256 MB RAM, CD-ROM, and 40 GB harddrive with 1 year onsite warranty
* 2 NEW Epson TM-T88 III thermal printers with auto-cut receipt
* 2 NEW Epson TM-U220 kitchen printer, auto-cut
* 1 NEW NextPOS 2 user license 30 days of free software support included.
Restaurant Pro Express & Simple Solutions Direct
Restaurant Pro Express is an extremely Reputablesoftware from a pioneer in the POS industry, inbusiness for over 25 years. We have successfully configured and installed RPE systemsin everything from clubs selling $30,000 in one night,to small "Mom & Pop" shops.
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For security purposes each employee can have either apassword or with the addition of a card reader anemployee card
* Employee permissions determine which functions eachemployee can or can't do
* Protect sensitive information
* Keep employees from stealing your hard earned dollars
You won't haveto add it up manually anymore. Reports will tellovertime, labor hours, gross pay, and even keep trackof tips if you would like.
* Multiple Job Codes may be set up for each employee.
* When the employee clocks in, they will be able toselect which job they are working during that shift.
* Employees may only select to work job codesassigned to them. For example, if Bob only has jobcodes CASHIER and JANITOR assigned to him, he may notlog in as a COOK.
You choose which way you would like to see your tables/tickets.
1. (Upper Left) See only the tickets/tables you have open.
2. (Upper right) See a list of all the tickets/tables available
3. (lower left) See a diagram of tables that are layed out like your dinning room.
4. (lower right) For quick service or in a bar skip the table layouts altogether.
* Think up your own way to help increase your business.
Fully automate your inventory tracking, the smarter way!
Example...You sell a happy meal. When you do, the system takesout of your inventory the burger, bun, cheese,ketchup, pickle, fries, soda, cup, lid, box, and thehappy meal toy. You have a reorder level of 25 burgerpatties, and you are now down to 24. You go to thepurchase order screen and the system will create apurchase order for your burger supplier with all ofthe items that you receive from them that are belowthe reorder level.
Use the inventory system if you would like, or keeptrack the old fashioned way, or use a bit of bothsystems. Restaurant Pro Express will work withyou.
Keep historical data forever, or clear it out whenever you like.
Run an hourly sales report from 4th of July for the last 3years, or check which of your servers sold the mostdesserts in the last 3 months, or how much ice cream yousold during the summer months this year compared to thesummer months last year. The possibilities are virtuallylimitless as to the information you can gather.
Quick Service & Delivery Features
* Designed for Touch Screen Invoicing
* Separate Department and Item Selection
* Passwords on Voided or Discounted Sales
* Exportable Report Information
* Unlimited Department, Item and Modifier Content
* Handles Unlimited Multiple Remote Printers
* Ability to Recall Reports from Any Given Day
* Food Cost and Use Reporting
* Multilevel Password Protection
* Prints Reports to Screen, Printer
* Detailed Profitability Reports
* Microsoft Access Compatible
* Table Layout for Quick Table selection
* Table Diagram - Design where tables are located
* Automatic Server and Table Number Prompting
* Dining Room Table Management
* Quick Table selection prompting
* User Definable remote printing
* On Screen Keyboard for Special Instructions
* Bulletproof on the Network
* User Definable Touch Screen
* Daily Specials (i.e. Happy Hour Specials)
* Order Filling Screen for Kitchen Monitor
* Employee Card Swipe Support
* Attractive Receipt Printing
* Invoice Notes for Delivery
* To-Go Order Status settings
* Print Extra Order to printer
* Prints To Stay, To Go or Delivery on remote printer
* Customizable and colorful touch screen
* Supports pictures in buttons
Click here for a printable version.
We have successfully configured and installed systems in everything from clubs selling $30,000 in one night, to small "Mom & Pop" shops.
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