Cubic precision digital theodolite system aims ii


Subject: Cubic precision digital theodolite system aims ii
Aims II Analytical Industrial Measring System In REAL TIME.
The Aims II Measuring System is a modular system that has computerized optical and electronic technology to measure/calculate, display, and record alignment and metrology data for industrial applications.
The system uses two to four KIT-2 DIGITAL Theodlites as the data source, in conjunction with a computer system and the AIMS program, to measure, to record azimuth and elevation angles from the digital theodolites to the target, and from the distance between the last two observed targets, then to establish an XYZ coordinate system.
The coordinates determination is based on the principle of vector analysis (three -dimensional triagulation). A known distance and vector algebra provide the distance from the theodolites to the targets
Here is what you get with this system:
3 KIT-2 Digital theodolites in Anvil cases- very good condition
AIMS II cart with HP computer, KB , Monitor, Printer, Software.
MANUALS- Cables for the theodolites, tripod adapters
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