Crown triple mast stacker lift 4000 lb capacity


Subject: Crown triple mast stacker lift 4000 lb capacity
This cown stacker lift will be sold as a refurbished lift with a refurbished battery as well as a charger and all this will be included in the price. This stacker lift is incredibly handy for picking up items that you want to handle in warehouse where you do not have quite so much room to maneuver but need to put things on higher shelves but this lift can also be used in big production warehouses as well. This forklift is in excellent shape and it has the following specs:
* the lift height is triple mast and will extend 154 inches
* the voltage is 24 volt at dc current
* this item has sideshift and the sideshift will slide from one side to the other about 12 inches
* the controls for this are on the handle as well as on the machine itself
This machine is ready to be put in use and it will be a great assett for anyone needing to put items in hard to reach places that cannot be gotten to by the means of a forklift. Also, the price for this unit is much less when compared to the price of 4000 lb refurbished forklifts. If there are any further questions please call .