Croissant roller automatic unit


Subject: Croissant roller automatic unit
The unique design of the DOSYS Automatic Croissant Roller allows adaptability to your space requirement. The feeding and calibrating mechanisms are automatic and allow you to regulate the dough. The triangles are cut in two consecutive stages, to give precision control over both weight and dimension of the dough pieces. The rotary cutter, with its calibrating mechanism, automatically synchronizes the discharge of the triangular dough pieces towards the moulder. The precision moulder produces a soft, high quality product, which has been gently rolled and which requires minimal or no use of flour on products such as Croissants, Gipfeli, etc. The machine is also adjustable for the required number of spirals to be given to the product. Automatic Croissant Roller - Specification Per Unit Spec - Rotary Cutter - Curling Unit Length of working position 62.2”(1580mm)35.4” (900 mm) Length of closed position 38.6” (980mm) 21.6” (550 mm) Width 332.3” (8440 mm) 19.7” (500 mm) Height 55.1” (1400 mm) 43.3” (1100mm) Weight 750 Lbs – 328 Lbs Electrical Power 208Volts, 60 Hz, 3Phase 5Amps Capacity – Pieces per hour 4 abreast – 1800 to 2000 Height 4 abreast 4.9” (125 mm)