Crest ultrasonic cleaning sys ultrasonic 5 stage robot


Subject: Crest ultrasonic cleaning sys ultrasonic 5 stage robot
Crest Ulstrasonic Parts Washing Cleaning System with robotic part transfer.
We purchased this system for parts washing, but realized it was overkill for the process we required. This system is manufactured by Crest Ultrasonics. It is a 5 station washer with 46kHz ultrasonic generators. The nominal tank sizes are 12" width, 18" length, and depth to accomodate 12" height. There are 5 parts baskets that have a useful area of 10" x 15" x 10".
This is a 208 VAC 3 phase 60hz system.
Station 1 is 500 watts. Station 2, 3, and 4 are 750 watts each. Stations 1 and 2 are plain tanks.
All ultrasonic generators are Crest Genesis 46kHz with adjustable power and sweep settings. There are (4) 500 watt units, and (3) 250 watt units.
Stations 3 and 4 are cascading, and have spray nozzles with inline chemical metering.
I'm not sure how the prints are presented with the listing, the high resolution originals may be accessed here: