Cpa 24" vertical inline sputtering system


Subject: Cpa 24" vertical inline sputtering system
Description for CPA 24” Vertical Inline Sputtering System
My Note: The unit was in service at Store Media in Santa Clara Ca for a number of years. It was 1 of 16 systems that sputtered Ni/Cr,C,Cr,Ta/Cr/Pt/Co. The maximum part that could be coated is 24"x16"x125. The machine is complete. Should hook up, test/upgrade/repair with a possible vendor just 5 miles down the road
(5) Target (targets on two sides with total of 22 target bays)(1) heat
(2) Leybold 8 inch turbo pumps
Five Grenville Phillips 303 vacuum process controllers
One Dycor quadrapole gas analyszer
One MKS 147 multi gas controller
40 plus spare targets and assemblies
Extra shielding and many spare parts.