Copeland discus mod# 2DA3-060E-tfd-210 compressor


Subject: Copeland discus mod# 2DA3-060E-tfd-210 compressor
Two Copeland Discus model 2DA3-060E-TFD-210 three hp air compressors and control panel. S/N's: CT 95J03497S and 72S. R134A, Hi Temp, 460V 3hp. These units are part of a Cinncinnati Sub Zero Pdts air cooling or chilling unit. The chilling unit was scrapped out. I have left the control panel wired to the compressors. The following units are on the control panel: SQ D non-fuseable disconnect 60/600V, Watlow series 945, Dimension II logic controller, Honeywell DR 4200 chart recorder, plus misc. items, no motor starters. Am willing to take offers on the compressors only. Everything in the pictures are part of this lot. We left everything still mounted to the bottom part of the original framework.