Cooling tunnel for chocolate tempering and moulding


Subject: Cooling tunnel for chocolate tempering and moulding
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New coolingtunnel 13 meter long, 70cm wide and a carpet from 40 cm.
You let go in your finished chocolate moulds, and after 8 minuts, they come out the cooling, and you can demoulding !!
- Completely stainless steel material.
- Ccovers in plastisol very solid, 60 mm isolated.
- With variomatic speed, minimum 30 cm in 1 minut to maximum 1 meter in 1 minut.
- With 1 coolingunit, indirect cooling, electronic thermostate 110 / 220 Volt.
- With electro/pneumatic steerling from the carpet.
- Work height input/output: 1 meter.
- To place behind a chocolatemachine 100 kg for enrobing.
- Guarantee: 3 years for each machinepart.
!! Every dimension is possible: 40 cm / 80 cm / 100 cm / 120 cm wide: we produce on your question.
We offer you a 3 year guarantee!
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