Cookie dropper rotary die machine


Subject: Cookie dropper rotary die machine
RNK Model Biscomat - Rotary moulding cookie machine with 14 dies. Description - Dough feed by means of adjustable special grooved rollers, handeling thedough carefully, in connection with an adjustable scraper knife. Removing of the dough figures from the moulding roller by means of suction band and adjustable rubber pressure roller. No sprinkling with flour or greasing of the roller is required. Perfect placement or depositing of the dough figures on baking pans running below by means of rotary shaft. Adjustment of the dough feed roller and the rubber suction roller can be accomplished without interruption of service. The machine works without waste while providing sharp shapes of the dough figures. The figure rollers / cookie dies are easily interchangeable by quick acting engagement. Easy access to all exchangeable machine parts. Spare parts dies that come with thae machine, Bell, Christmas Tree, Shamrock, Ghost, Snowman, Turkey, Rabbit, Ginger Bread Man, Cupid Heart, Star of David, Pumpkin, Dog Bone, Santa Claus, Goblin.