Cook's saw sawmill portable hydraulic driven band mill


Subject: Cook's saw sawmill portable hydraulic driven band mill
This is a good used Accu Trac (Cook's) sawmill. It is equipped with two gasoline engines. One engine is used for the band blade and the other is driving the hydraulics. The sawmill has hydraulic power up/down and forward and backward. Beats the heck out of pushing the carriage up and down the track. It is also equipped with a hydraulic cylinder and bracketry to hold down the log while it is being sawn. Does not have a log loader or roller.
One engine is a Kohler twin cylinder 16 hp with electric (only) start. The other engine is a Honda knock-off Chinese engine. It is 6.5 hp with electric and recoil start.
The mill has a four point contact carriage which makes for accurate cuts. The front side blade covers are made from plywood, the first time you kick the blade off you will see why...
The mill has adjustments for blade tension and the blade guides are adjustable.
The saws carriage is wide and can handle a large log. I have sawn a 22 inch diameter red oak right down the middle.
The hydraulics consist of one pump attached to the small gasoline engine, one motor for the carriage forward and backward, another motor for carriage and down. Also, there are two spool valves, pressure relief valve and flow regulator valve located at the control center. About mid-way down the track is the log clamp. It is controlled by another lever operated spool valve. This valve is located so it can be operated with your foot while your hands are positioning the clamp.
To move the carriage down the track the hydraulic motor turns on a chain that runs the entire length of the saw. The saw can handle a log about 16 feet long. I have not measured it exactly so if this is important be sure to have me check on this.
There is nothing I know of wrong with the sawmill at all. It saws just as flat as you can level it. The only thing I can criticize is the Kohler engine. It is only 16 hp and when sawing hardwood in large diameters you have to move slow.
The entire unit can be towed right to your tree. It has a two inch ball. Tires are good. It can be set up for towing in minutes. It takes a bit longer to set it up for sawing, maybe 90 minutes.
Includes a manual log roller and some extra blades.
I have created a video of the sawmill in action, the link for the video is below. I had to make the video quality low to reduce the file size but it is still a large file. If you are on dial-up it would be a good time for a snack. The video is of the saw cutting some quarter-sawn oak.
Also, there are about 18 or so pictures of the saw also posted on one of my websites.
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