Continental canning production line. fill, seam, box


Subject: Continental canning production line. fill, seam, box
Much more durable than the new canning equipment being made. This beast is made of cast iron and is fully functional. We pulled the plug on this machine about 3 years ago when we were using it to make 1LB coffee cans. We restored it to functionality, and only used it to run 4 truckloads of coffee.
Production speed is rated for 60 cans/minute, which is about what we were running it at. Machine is adjustable in height with some re-tooling. It includes a Parsons 9scale filler, Seamer, Lidder (for plastic lids), and boxer. I've seen this line used for coffee, nuts, salmon, etc. etc.
If you need help with setup, your can vendor usually will have a technician that understands these machines an can help with your needs. Price is FOB topeka, kansas. Will load on your truck that you schedule for pickup free of charge. Appraised value of this equipment is $60,000.00. We're asking for 50K.