Continental KC90-ss keg cooler stainless steel


Subject: Continental KC90-ss keg cooler stainless steel
* Long Lasting, Wear Resistant Black Vinyl Coated Steel Exterior with 304 Series Stainless Steel Countertop
* Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel Interior with Reinforced Stainless Steel Floor
* Stainless Steel Reinforced Threshold Sills for Ease of Loading
* Performance Rated Refrigeration System Utilizing Environmentally Safe R-134a Refrigerant
* Full Length, Extra Large, Coil Provides Uniform Air Flow Distribution to Maintain Constant Keg Temperature
* Continuously Cooled 3" Diameter Beer Columns with Stainless Steel Lever Faucets, CO2 Pressure Relief Distributor and Keg Line Tubing with Clamps
* Easily Removable Stainless Steel Drip Tray with Convenient Front Mounted Cleanout Drainage Hose
* Cylinder Keyed Security Lock and Magnetic Snap-In Gasket on Each Door
* Easily Accessible and Serviceable Slide-out Condensing Unit
* Readily Removable Front, Rear and Side Venting Louvered Grills Allow Greater Condenser Air Flow for Tight Fit Installations
* Automatic, Energy Saving, Non-Electric Condensate Disposal
* Incandescent Interior Lighting