Conference room table / executive computer desk


Subject: Conference room table / executive computer desk
This table is 72 L x 36 W x 29 H inches with 1.5 inch square tubing with a 3/4 inch acrylic top.
The steel tubing has been sealed to prevent from rust or any kind of oxydation.
This specific table has the word inspire engraved on the underside of the top to still accomodate a smooth surface. The underneith has been hand sanded to give a unique hand-frosted look.
The base of the table is capped with custom made acrylic caps to match the top surface.
If you did not want the word inspire, you can customize the table to display any name, phrase, logo, date, etc. (email fluid steel for details).
Your piece will actually be built to order, please allow 2 weeks for construction.
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