Complete industrial chocolate tempering & moulding line


Subject: Complete industrial chocolate tempering & moulding line
Complete industrial chocolate tempering & moulding line
Brandnew - for chocolates, biscuits, pralines, bars, ..
Complete industrial line for chocolates, biscuits, pralines, truffles, bars, cookies, waffles...
Complete high quality commercial enrobing line:
* 100 kg full automatic tempering machine and pump (works with water cooling)
* Digital temperature control
* Blower for blowing superfluous chocolate away
* Detailer for taking tails of the chocolates away
* For single, double, bottom, side, side / bottom enrobing
* attachment to melting kettle possible to produce continiously
* Can be put in front of cooling tunnel to produce high volumes
* Enrober can be removed from tempering machine to produce pralines, figures, etc...
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