Complete broadcasting internet radio shoutcast station


Subject: Complete broadcasting internet radio shoutcast station
Up for sale! Is a studio for internet radio broadcasting center.
You also get 3 hours of training! We will teach you how to broadcast and have fun!
AKG Large diaphragm microphones x 1
Mixer Behringer Eurodesk SL2442FX-PRO Mixer
Professional mic arm (Scissor)
3 floor stands for live shows
3 months free streaming, free web hosting if needed, on demand streaming, flash media player and
custom made player for ads. Cd with special effects for sounds.
Broadcasting desk your choice of color. Cherry or maple finish.
One computer stacked with toys!
* One computer, mouse, keyboard, speakers P4 3.0 Mhz Custom built
* One audigy sound card system
* Broadcasting software valued at $200.00
* Audio software for recording, x 3
* Video editing software
* Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 8.0
* One computer desk or we can build long ones for you.
* One mixer with 100 special effects 8 channel
* One 8 pre amp mic injection system
* One professional mic arm
* 3 boom arms for mics floor model
* One surround system for monitoring playback
* All wires, cables and connectors for equipment.
* Training 10 hours live video over the internet
* Life time technical support
* Web site hosting is free
* Domain name is free thru us.
* One snake 8 cable 1/4 inch plugs
* Break out box by Creative
* All software installed for broadcasting and connected to the directory's
* One dual cd player with a custom box for looping and imaging design
Call for more info!
Pre built desk and a complete studio!
* Computers are stack full of toys! No junk here!
* Call us anytime for more information if needed. -
* Comes with all the software to broadcast, edit, and record
* Yes you can use this for a complete recording studio too!
Delivery time on these is 14-30 days! We can express build and delivery for a fee!
Any questions call me
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